What is BuzzBox?

Built by makers for makers! BuzzBox is a durable enclosure designed for small format 3D printers to store tools, supplies, reduce fumes and improve print quality.

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An enclosure for a variety of small format 3D printers

BuzzBox is designed to help makers, inventors and hobbyists tackle the most common problems facing the 3D printing process. It’s the world’s first customizable enclosure that combines the storage of material and tools while keeping heat in and filtering outgoing air.

Its internal dimensions are 13.3″ x 18.4″ x 15.7″ (Width x Height x Depth) and supports many small format 3D printers including brands like:

• Afinia H479

• Afinia H480

• Tiertime Up Plus

• Tiertime Up Plus 2

Why did we make BuzzBox?

Every 3D printer enthusiast has been there: warped prints, curling edges, cracking, harmful fumes, noise, and heat loss. The list goes on and on!

We asked, “How can we solve these problems?” “What if we could build something that stored materials and tools?”  We wanted a product that looked great while being versatile, too. Thus, BuzzBox was born.

Solving the most common problems plaguing the printing process

Features at a Glance



A place to store exactly what you need.

Stores up to three spools of filament utilizing an open-source universal filament reel holder adapter. From there, different size filament reel holder spindles can be inserted to support your favorite brands of filament. Allowing for quick and easy access/removal of filament spools.
Multiple tool holders that can hold the things you use the most; like printer base plates (printing surface), caliper, screwdriver, plastic cutting chisels, side cutter, scraper and etc.

Open source, customizable hardware.

Mix, match and create your style. All hardware parts are open source (excluding the acrylic design) and are posted to Thingiverse (excluding the acrylic design). Design your custom parts from scratch or. Print your own or order from us.The parts have a Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license. Which means that you can download, share, modify and create new parts of BuzzBox whenever you’d like! Visit BuzzBox’s Thingiverse page to get started.
Expansion for the future. We are planning to incorporate LED lighting and an active fan system with controller for more performance.

Keep the heat in and filter the fumes.

Heat Flow The passive filtering system operates by letting the heat generated from the printing process draw air through the inlet filter, located on the right side, through to the outlet filter, located on top. This system captures and reduces the fumes released outside of the chamber.  It’s also designed to keep the internal temperature just right for perfect prints every time.
Fume Features Attractive high air flow honeycomb filter holder assemblies. Utilizing activated carbon filters that are widely available, affordable and easy to replace.

Economical, rigid and stylish.

Incorporating an all laser-cut acrylic design with strategically placed structural components that yield a professional, rugged and inexpensive frame. Laser Cut Features
To minimize acrylic material fatigue, special relief features have been designed in along with plastic hardware in critical places. laser cut

 Accessible and Simple.

Magnetic door latches for ease of opening and closing door assembly.
Winguts allow for easy removal and replacement of carbon filters.
Open pin hinges allow for easy removal of door assembly for maintenance.
Adjustable door routes both power and USB cables effectively.

Made in the USA.

american_flag_207285 We are proud to be offering this one of a kind enclosure – built right here at home in Jasper, Indiana. We promise the highest quality of workmanship and tireless attention to detail.