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Kickstarter: Double Door BuzzBox + Light and Fan Kits Shipped

After a few delays due to material shortages, but we are proud to announce that all of the double door BuzzBox kits have been shipped. Most of these shipments also include the light and fan kits; an exciting new development to the BuzzBox product lineup! With that, we are done with the Kickstarter commitments!

So, how can you get one? We’ll be introducing a large scale manufacturing strategy for this product over the next month. Stay tuned!

Kickstarter customers: If you have any difficulties, questions or want to suggest product improvements regarding this kit to contact us or email support(at)

Thank you!

BuzzBox Sort and Pack

BuzzBox Pack

Ready for Ship

In the Car


Kickstarter: Light and Fan Kit Progress

Light and Fan update! As outlined in our Kickstarter, we proposed the design and build of a light and fan kit for BuzzBox. This kit mounts to the top fan slot, provides proper airflow to capture fumes into the filter and illuminates the 3D printer’s workspace. The control panel circuit card mounts to the front of the enclosure allowing for control of the light and fan speed. These kits will be shipping with most of the Double Door orders.

Light and Fan Kit Test

Light and Fan CCA's

Light and Fan Assembly

Light and Fan Test

Light and Fan Test 2

Ready for Ship!


Kickstarter: Single Door BuzzBox Kits Shipped

It has been a busy past month! The first set of single door BuzzBoxes were shipped out over the weekend!

Kickstarter customers: If you have any difficulties or questions regarding this kit to contact us via Kickstarter or support(at)

Thank you!




Kickstarter: Project Update

We apologize that it’s been quiet around here lately so we wanted to give you an update. It’s been a crazy and fast paced few months. We’ve been working hard daily to get the product right and get it to your front door.

So, what have we been up to?

  • Qualifying manufacturers and material sources
  • Purchased sample materials to try out and test as part of qualification
  • Purchasing, hardware, acrylic materials and plastic filament
  • Use testing, assembly fit checks on prototype builds – it’s all about trial and error sometimes!
  • Adjusting the design based on feedback from our manufacturer and use testing. The result: Design for manufacturing optimization, many weak spots in the plastic parts were eliminated to make them stronger, BuzzBox expanded slightly to better support the Up Plus 2 and Afinia H480. That means more box for your money!
  • Internal dimensions are now 13.3″ x 18.4″ x 15.7″ (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Gearing up for production and zeroing in machinery
  • Printing plastic parts
  • Improving the instruction manual
  • Designing the lighting and fan kit
  • Lowering total cost for the mass production runs after the Kickstarter
  • Talking to distributors and re-sellers

We will be requesting some information from you via Kickstarter soon. What we will need is your full name, shipping address, email address and we will provide link to a survey after you receive your product.

Our goal is to make an affordable, yet quality and consistent product. You, the Kickstarter customers, will be our first set of end users. Your feedback will be crucial to product improvements and our goal is to make sure that you are happy!

Snapshots of our progress:

Printed Parts 1

Wait… A 4 hour print time!? 🙂

Printed parts 2

Using this little Afinia to its max. BuzzBox + Buildtak and Elmer’s purple gluestick onto the build surface; a winning combination.


A few parts finished, lots more to go!


Optimizing the Acrylic cutouts for manufacture


Manufacturers’ new high throughput laser installed! Beginning to cut out a “test” BuzzBox.

The result of the test! Popeye, "Where's the entrance to the exit?"

The result of the test! Popeye, “Where’s the entrance to the exit?”


Kickstarter: Thank You! Fully Funded!

Thanks to everyone for making this a success!

We Successfully raised $7,610 USD with 37 backers

Even though we squeaked by with some to spare, you have all provided enough capital so that we can now start work on ordering bulk materials, fine tuning and making parts. Along this next stage of the journey we will be updating you weekly on progress and delivery objectives.

As this was our first Kickstarter, we learned so much and will use this small step of success to break out into larger 3D printer markets. After we ship out the initial units, we will be opening an Amazon webstore so that everyone that missed out in backing (including international customers) can get a BuzzBox too!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a shout.


The BuzzBox Team

Alec, Pete, Todd, Bret and Austin


Kickstarter: Status update!

First off, to all of our backers, THANK YOU! We have come a long way with your support and are tremendously grateful!

Over the past four days we have done a number of things:

  • Built and took pictures of a real Double Door version of BuzzBox posted under the “Expandable and upgradeable” section of the story-line.
  • Added in a “Rewards” section in the story-line. This is to fully describe exactly what is included in each kit and tier. We are actively working on new 3D renders for the lighting and fan kit – we think you’ll be pleased with the result and will update as soon as it becomes available.
  • As promised, we have uploaded all of the 3D printed hardware files to Thingiverse with a Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license. Which means that you can download, share, modify and create new parts of BuzzBox whenever you’d like! Visit BuzzBox’s Thingiverse page to get started.

With almost 50 hours left to go, we’ve got approximately ~$1k of ground to cover. If you have a moment, please give us a bump, like, re-tweet or follow on any of our social media sites below this post to help spread the word!


Google Plus



As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a shout.

Fund us on Kickstarter!


The BuzzBox Team

Alec, Pete, Todd, Bret and Austin


Kickstarter: Over 50% funded and now a Staff Pick!!!

A special thanks to all those who are pledging and supporting us. It’s been only about three short days into this Kickstarter and the support has been overwhelming.

Tell your friends, co-workers, family and social media about this one-of-a-kind enclosure! Let’s keep the momentum going!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give us a shout via the contact link, email or social media.

Fund us on Kickstarter!

– Alec, Todd, Bret, Pete and Austin @ The BuzzBox Team


Kickstarter: New Tier Added!

Now offering Coasters!

Stylish and attractive honeycomb shaped coasters with the BuzzBox logo laser engraved onto the back side. Perfect for keeping those beverages off of the benchtop. Material is made from high quality cast 1/4″ Acrylic. You’ll get four (4x) of these coasters per pledge on tier #2. Fund us on Kickstarter!




Our Kickstarter has Launched!

Over the next few months, we hope to raise enough funds to manufacture BuzzBox. Help us reach our $7,500 goal by visiting our Kickstarter!

Multiple tiers for a variety of BuzzBoxes are available including Single Door, Double Door and a Lighting and Fan Kit!

Coasters, four for $25

Single Door Kit, $275

 Double Door Kit, $375

Single Door Kit + LED Lighting and Fan Kit, $450

Includes everything in the single door tier plus the LED lighting and fan kit. We will be posting expanded renders and kit contents as soon as it becomes available.

Double Door Kit + LED Lighting and Fan Kit, $500

Includes everything in the double door tier plus the LED lighting and fan kit. We will be posting expanded renders and kit contents as soon as it becomes available.

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