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The BuzzBox Enclosures ™ story –

Alec, the founder and CEO of Apogee Science, LLC Writes:

Back in early 2014 we were printing a ton of parts for customers in my home and the plastic smell from our 3D printer was becoming unbearable. Although the printer was in the home office, with a window box fan running, my pregnant wife was asking if anything could be done. I set off to design a solution and tried many different things from cardboard boxes to smaller fans and everything in between. Each solution seemed to pose a new problem until a friend, Austin, suggested Acrylic plastic. After a few days of designing the enclosure I knew it was a winning idea, so I pulled in the Apogee Science team (Todd, Bret and Pete) to help bring this idea to a reality. After a few weeks with a good design ready, Austin was able to cut prototypes with a laser cutter located at Vincennes University, Jasper Campus. From there, the rest is history and BuzzBox Enclosures ™ was born!

Built by makers for makers! The BuzzBox enclosure and 3D printed parts are an entirely American made product. BuzzBox is a product of Apogee Science, LLC and most parts are manufactured in Jasper, Indiana.

About Apogee Science, LLC

Founded in 2012, Apogee Science is a small engineering and science solutions company proudly located in the heart of southern Indiana. We specialize in the design of unique products with a hardware and software focus.

Our company is interested in growing the technology segment of Southern Indiana.